Japan Karate Association of Austin

The University of Texas at Austin

About us

We are a RecSports registered organization at the University of Texas at Austin. We teach Shotokan Karate to any member of the UT community: students, faculty, and staff. No prior experience with Karate or any martial arts is necessary to learn with us.

As of Spring 2014, we are a group of around 20 people, including 10 beginners who joined us just this semester. We are a diverse group of people, of all ages, college majors and nationalities.

We are also a member dojo of the American Amateur Karate Federation Southwestern Region.

We can be reached by e-mail at info@jkaaustin.com.

Latest News

August 18, 2014

Beginners' classes start Wednesday, August 27th at 6:45 pm in the GRE North Aerobics Room. It's Karate time!

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